Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Twas the Night Before Kindergarten

Today was Conrad's Kindergarten orientation! We got to meet his teacher and learn a little about this upcoming year. The school does not allowed parents to walk the kids up to their rooms. Kindergarten students will be dropped off and picked up at the kindergarten playground gate. It is scary not being able to walk them in and get them settled but I guess it's a safety precaution and teaches them to be independent. So we had to take our pictures with the teacher today since we wont get to go into their room tomorrow. After we were done with orientation we went shopping and picked out a backpack and new shoes.
Tonight we read some back to school books and talked about his first day tomorrow. He is so excited and positive. I however am a little nervous and a little sad. I'm nervous that he might not like it, he won't excel at learning, he might get discouraged, he won't be pushed to his full potential, he won't have enough encouragement, he might not pick the right kinds of friends, he might get bullied, etc... I could probably go on forever. He is my first born child my only son and my sweet little baby. I am just now, after being so excited, a little bit sad. How did he grow up so fast? It seems like only moments ago I was watching him sleep peacefully in his baby swing. Now he is going to be sent out into the world by himself. I think I might just spend all day tomorrow crying by the school gate waiting to pick him up.

                                  Conrad and his teacher Mrs. Simpson              

Sunday, July 15, 2012


It seems like all my friends who have kiddos about the same age as Eloise have posted pictures of their little ones sitting up weeks and weeks ago. Eloise is so happy and content I just assumed she was content rolling on the floor playing with toys and watching her brother and sister.  Although, deep down I was a little sad she wasn't hitting her milestones at the same time or earlier then the others. My other two were sitting,  crawling and exceeding others their age at this point so I just thought she would be too. however, she is so happy and easy going  I guess its her nature. The thing  tho, with the sitting is that she would much rather stand. If I try to sit her down she tries to stand up and then just falls over. Today I sat her down and let go and she stayed sitting up! I was shocked! She even wobbled a bit and corrected herself. What a tricky little booger! I bet she could have sat up all this time...Stubborn and persistent are new traits I would like to add to her personality. She just wanted to stand and not bother with the other things.

 Look at this cutie pie sit up by herself!!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Little Eloise

You are six months old now and you cut your first tooth!! Your bottom right tooth just magically appeared on the 8th. You weren't fussy or grumpy and your gums weren't swollen. I stuck my finger in your mouth so you could chew it and was shocked to feel a sharp little tooth poking out. I had no idea you were ready to get one! I couldn't believe it. It made me cry. You are my baby and I am just not ready to say goodbye to your big gummy grins and the sweet little turtle face you make. Those adorable faces melt my heart and send me over the moon in love with you. You are supposed to stay little for always. Guess I better get my fill while I can.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Eloise is 1 month old

Jan 28th

Eloise you are one month old today. I can not believe the time has flown by so fast and I'm a little sad you will not be so tiny a sweet forever. I love the way you smell and the sweet noises you make. You are such a sweet and content baby. From the minute you were born you have been so at peace in this world. I hope you always gave that content feeling and senses calm .

You sleep great! You go for five hour stretches and you let me sleep, thank you! You are so happy when your awake. You are so loved by everyone and you love them back. You loce to be held by anyone and are so happy to have a visit. Such a sweet little baby.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Eloise Rose

She is here!! I woke up crampy on December 28th. Didn't think much of it. I had a dr apt at 2 and tried to call out sick from it but Dr. Avants insisted I come in anyway and I'm glad she did or Miss Eloise would have been born at home or on the side of the freeway. As soon as she checked me she said oh my goodness your 6cm dilated and you need to go to the hospital now. So off I went...
Two hours later (5:38pm)
Eloise came into the world. 7lbs 4oz, 19inches. She was beautiful and so sweet. As soon as I held her she was so content. She looked at me and cooed. She didn't cry at all. She was so peaceful.
I had my aunt Kathy with me and My sister in law. My kids were also with me up until push time. Conrad was very concerned with the whole process and was a great little daddy. Asking me every few minutes if I was okay giving me kisses and just very nervous for me. I'm glad they were all in the room to help me get thru it. I did it all natural this time and I'm glad I did. Contractions were a piece of cake. But pushing was so horrible I don't think I'll ever do that again...not without an epidural anyway.
Eloise was amazing and healthy and we got to go home the next day with clean bills of health. She ate like a champ and slept even better!! So calm and content with the world. An amazing little baby and a wonderful addition to our home.